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We take pleasure in our craft. Over 30 years since the first Demon Design slid off the sewing table our passion for making things is undiminished. If you want the best sails on the planet talk to us.


The best sails require time and dedication to craft. When we come to build your sail we pay attention to detail, we assemble with care and we ensure that when it leaves us, it is the best it can be. All this takes time and as more people want sails than we have hours to give, we operate a waiting list. This changes through the year but is rarely less than a month, sometimes 2 and averages 6 weeks. We take full payment at the time of your order. Payment gets you onto the build list, and the build list is fulfilled in strict sequence.

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Sail Maker

Matthew Burridge

Master sailmaker. A Design Engineer. Responsible for all of the development work of Demon Design sails, the manufacture of the sails, the wave sail program over at www.5-oceans.com (including design, development and testing) and the design, development and testing of the 5-oceans mast system. Matthew also takes most of the photographs you see on this site, hes not a bad photographer for a sailmaker.



Sean Cox

Naval Architect, Aerodynamist and Structural Engineer . Used to earn a crust designing Fighter aircraft for British Aerospace, on projects like the Tornado fighter bomber. Introduced pioneering design tools and methodologies to sail design decades before anyone else, yes decades. The hybrid finite element/paramatric modelling software Sean wrote for testing design ideas is still unsurpassed in windsurfing- he wrote the first version in the eighties....



Demon Design Sails is run by Engineers and hasnt got a marketing department or even a marketing budget ( unless you count this website- but thats taken us eons to get to...). This is for a very good reason- it doesnt interest us at all! What does interests us is sail design and sailing and this we share with you,

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